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Completing a new model and posting the first pictures online is always a bit exciting. Seeing the model being blogged here is even more exciting. Now imagine getting the opportunity to contribute to this blog yourself.

It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself as the newest writer for TBB. I am a Dutchman and live in the Netherlands, but I spent several years living in the UK, where I was and still am an active member of The Brickish Association. Regular readers may know me as Mad physicist. I have been mad about LEGO since I could first put two bricks together and have built many different things, but nowadays I primarily build scale models of vehicles: cars, trucks, aircraft and helicopters.

For Model Show Europe (a show for scale models of heavy haulage and earth-moving equipment) that I attended yesterday, together with fellow Lowlug-members, I recently built this Dutch MAN truck with a step-frame trailer and a JCB backhoe.

With my aircraft building, I am currently having a bit of a Seventies kick and recently completed a US Marine Corps F-4 Phantom II in the bright markings that were typical for the period.
F-4N Phantom of VMFA-321 Hell’s Angels (1)

I will post about my own work now and then, but I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful stuff all of you are up to, picking my favourites and sharing them with the world.

12 comments on “Mad about LEGO

  1. L@go

    That’s a great addition to the staff. I love the cars you build, and having the skills you have means you’re probably going to pick some lovely stuff to blog. Looking forward to your contributions!

  2. Tromas

    Again huge Congrats Ralph! Can’t wait to see all the goodies you find, and am very excited about what you are bringing to the site!!

  3. Tim Courtney

    Welcome – and incredible F-4! It’s one of my favorite fighter jets and your build certainly does it justice.

  4. dateman

    Big congrats Ralph, you were the first contact I ever made on Flickr and still in awe of your work… If any of my stuff gets picked for TBB by Ralph, then my life is complete!

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