A Syd Mead dropship in Lego

Sylvain Ballivet (iomedes !…) relies on shapes to create a dropship that looks functional. Each distinct white segment of the hull fits smoothly with the next to create the beautiful contours of this ship. The model was based on concept art by Syd Mead.

UBURO class SYD MEAD's stealth dropship...

4 comments on “A Syd Mead dropship in Lego

  1. Buffalorand

    This may be the best LEGO space vessel I have EVER seen…and as an employee of LEGO and at 47 years of age, I have seen (and built) hundreds of fine examples. Fantastic work!

  2. Creative Anarchy

    I often admire the skill of other builders but rarely am I jealous. This is just a beautiful build from it’s form and line to it’s detail and density. I’d really love to see more ships like this.

  3. Eric at A Lego A Day

    I must echo the admiration others have shown for this model. Bravo! Just… stunning. From the colors, to the shapes, this is one fantastic piece of work. It photographs incredibly well. And I LOVE the inclusion of the yellow utilitarian support vehicles/machines.

    Just beautiful.

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