First high-res image of Lego series 10 minifigs [News]

The image featuring the full lineup of series 10 minifigs has surfaced on Argos. It also reveals the rare gold minifig that’s limited to 5,000 copies worldwide.

Series 10 minifigs

Via Brickset

10 comments on “First high-res image of Lego series 10 minifigs [News]

  1. Andrew

    Sheesh, and I haven’t even finished completing my Series 9 set yet. Love the American Revolutionary War soldier and the Algonquian gentleman second from left in the front. Also, seagull!

  2. Tromas

    I can see the paint roller piece being super useful for Spacers…landing gear, mecha, greebles…

    And Bee-Girl is just too darn cute :D

  3. Sarah

    I see myself in the female reader there, am I right that it is the first female head with glasses? Love the bald cap too. Be able to make a proper minifig of my dad now!
    Interesting to see the biker guy(?) there with a tattoo on his arm, is that a first as well?

  4. Sarah

    @Josh thank you! Ok, this mini fig head is my favorite female head with glasses.

    @Jake yes the comments on Brickset also thought librarian. Apparently Oranges and Peaches is a pun about a student looking for “origin of species.”

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