10 comments on “First high-res image of Lego series 10 minifigs [News]

  1. Andrew

    Sheesh, and I haven’t even finished completing my Series 9 set yet. Love the American Revolutionary War soldier and the Algonquian gentleman second from left in the front. Also, seagull!

  2. Tromas

    I can see the paint roller piece being super useful for Spacers…landing gear, mecha, greebles…

    And Bee-Girl is just too darn cute :D

  3. Sarah

    I see myself in the female reader there, am I right that it is the first female head with glasses? Love the bald cap too. Be able to make a proper minifig of my dad now!
    Interesting to see the biker guy(?) there with a tattoo on his arm, is that a first as well?

  4. Sarah

    @Josh thank you! Ok, this mini fig head is my favorite female head with glasses.

    @Jake yes the comments on Brickset also thought librarian. Apparently Oranges and Peaches is a pun about a student looking for “origin of species.”

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