Building dystopia

I’ve noticed a lot of futuristic military scenes made recently and I wanted to give it a go as well. I spent one day to make the olive green tank and two more days for the backdrop. I tried to emulate the urban decay style with what time I had, but my lack of experience working in this style limited the techniques at my disposal. After this I will pay closer attention to other creations in the genre. It’s one thing to build a model and another to make a scene for it. You can see the description video on YouTube.

The Barber of Seville 2075

Here’s a photo of just the tank, that was the easy part I’m used to :)

2 comments on “Building dystopia

  1. Andrew

    Nicely done, Nannan! During Maktoberfest last year, I too discovered that it’s quite fun to keep right on building for a model even after the primary “hero” vehicle is done. Even just a simple backdrop (yours is wonderfully complex) adds a lot to the presentation.

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