10232 Palace Cinema more pictures

More pictures of the upcoming modular building 10232 Palace Cinema have surfaced on Flickr. You can see them in this Flickr gallery.


4 comments on “10232 Palace Cinema more pictures

  1. Sarah

    To me, although its clearly inspired by Grauman’s Chinese theatre the inside reminds of my own local old class movie house. (The Uptown in D.C.) Because of the art deco feel and that I always run upstairs to watch movies there. As a collector this is a set I want despite not loving the color scheme or being thrilled by the minifigs. I just love movies. Also, the “Forever sorting” poster to me is worth the $100 I’ll have to pay for it. ;-)

  2. 805guy

    to me, the insides look very plain, boring, and unfinished. other than the posters inside, there is not much to be desired. other modular builds have way more interesting elements going on inside. hopefully they add more detail!

  3. bricksmcgee

    Looks like a nice set architecturally, but as others have said the car is hugely disappointing and the interior looks unfinished in parts. Still, a nice addition to my collection once it’s released!

  4. Daedalus

    I don’t mind the lackluster interior, as long as the price reasonably reflects it. I enjoyed the interior builds for the last couple, but the exteriors felt a little lacking, especially compared to past designs. If an emptier inside means a lower price, I’m all for it.

    I do, however, get the complaints about the car. Personally, I’m less thrilled about the presence of a vehicle at all, and hoping it doesn’t become a trend. It made sense to have one in the fire house, plus it fit within the building. I display mine on shelving and don’t have room to go about adding streets.

    Overall, I *love* the look of this and can’t wait to grab it!

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