2013 LEGO Star Wars & TMNT sets out now on Amazon.com + more deals [News]

Some of next year’s LEGO Star Wars sets are out a couple weeks early on Amazon.com. They’ve also discounted a bunch more LEGO sets.

First up, 75005 Rancor Pit comes with Luke, Rancor keeper, and Gamorrean guard minifigs, plus the monstrous Rancor. The set has 380 pieces and goes for $59.99.

Amazon had also briefly listed 9516 Jabba’s Palace for $99, so we hope some of you picked up this wonderfully complementary set to go with the Rancor pit. But the good news in Tatooine-themed LEGO Star Wars sets is that you can still pick up 9496 Desert Skiff for $5 off.

Three smaller 2013 LEGO Star Wars are also out now on Amazon.com:

Next, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set 79104 The Shellraiser Street Chase is also out on Amazon, with five minifigs and 620 pieces (including lots of olive green) at $59.99.

Several other TMNT sets are also available for order a little early:

Finally, the LEGO Lord of the Rings set 9472 Attack on Weathertop is nearly 30% off, down to $42.75

All via FBTB, who’re on a roll this week with the sales news!

4 comments on “2013 LEGO Star Wars & TMNT sets out now on Amazon.com + more deals [News]

  1. Mainman

    Meanwhile, Amazon is jacking up the price on some sets (I’ve been checking on Creator sets lately), in some cases doubling or more the MSRP. Don’t know if this is a Christmas-related price-gouge, but be careful what you’re paying!

  2. laytoncy

    Not that you’re not correct about the prices but make sure you check the seller. Some are from “sellers” on Amazon and they do jack up prices on any and everything.

  3. Andrew Post author

    @Mainman, I think what you’re observing is what laytoncy noted — third-party sellers who have early copies. When I initially posted this, I double-checked that everything I linked to was sold and fulfilled by Amazon.com, at MSRP. That may have changed as the availability shifted after I published this.

  4. laytoncy

    For the most part the orders that are fulfilled by Amazon.com are the same price as MSRP or cheaper. I just ordered a train set for my son and saved $5 from Amazon and being a Prime member I’ll get it on Tuesday. Late Christmas shopping at its best.

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