New 2013 LEGO Galaxy Squad set pictures

Here is a scan of the upcoming Lego Galaxy Squad pictures courtesy of Cupishalfempty, who purchased a set from a Toys R Us in Canada. He has also posted pictures of the set including a parts list. I am eagerly looking forward to the purple cocoons.

Via Brickset

7 comments on “New 2013 LEGO Galaxy Squad set pictures

  1. woogychuck

    This is my favorite space theme for a while. These look like some fun models for me and the kids to build and play with.

  2. Syruss

    I’m not sure how I hadn’t heard about this until now. But these sets look fantastic. Plus, new heads. I can find all kinds of uses for new heads.

  3. Chris

    Is anyone else getting a bit of a this-totally-isn’t-Halo-wink-wink vibe from some of the elements? (Covenant energy sword, Spartan-esque helmet, etc.)

  4. BricktopShop

    I did notice the resemblance to Halo, I ‘m also now convinced that Lego Loves, absolutely adores even, butchering non-humanoid organisms.

  5. Continuity1984

    An anti-climax of epic proportions. Had hoped for something along the lines of Space Police 3 meets the best of Alien Conquest (which for me does not include any lime green or trans-neon) with a dash of Classic Space. Instead it’s a parade of all the worst from the space lines since M-tron all the way up to Mars Mission. Trans-neon and bright colors (the orange is particularly unagreeable) ad nauseam. Color scheme aside, the only highlights seem to be the mecha and the androids (BrickLink FTW).

    Of course I am terribly conservative in these matters and live in a world where LEGO Space stopped after Blacktron and appeared briefly again with SP3 and Alien Conquest (and even with these themes I edit the color scheme by replacing bricks).

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