AFOLs <3 Pierre E Fieschi

I think the first comment on Pierre E Fieschi’s latest photo sums up how most of us feel about him. I can honestly say that I am absolutely blown away by every build that he posts. His ability to create incredibly complex, yet truly fun, spacey creations is second to none.

There are a lot of builders out there I would love to meet; Pierre is most certainly one of them. Maybe one day I will get the chance to sit down with him, eat some Haribo candies, and just talk LEGO…but in the mean time I will be happy in just basking in the glory that is the ‘TESSERACT’ SUPER CAPITAL SHIPYARD.


I also think it is worth noting that Pierre has been featured and/or mentioned in, going on 18 posts now, here on The Brothers Brick. He should be an honourary Brother at this point I am thinkin’…or at least win a t-shirt or something :D

3 comments on “AFOLs <3 Pierre E Fieschi

  1. Syruss

    Not only am I constantly impressed with the way his builds look, but his piece usage always boggles my mind. I always pull up the largest image image on Flickr so I can marvel at all the crazy connections or completely random pieces. His skills just astounds me.

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