Life Size Minifig Blaster is Full of Win!

You know a creation is awesome when the first thought that pops into your head is, “I want that!” Brickthing made a life size version of the new double barreled Alien Conquest blasters for the MOC Olympics. Lego should seriously consider making life size versions of these things.  Pew pew.
Life-size Minifig Weapon -Side


Couple this with Norbert Labuguen‘s Hero Factory built life size Alien Clinger, I think we’ve a great new meme bigifying things!


CCISD2012 LEGO Cosplay Alien Clinger 068

3 comments on “Life Size Minifig Blaster is Full of Win!

  1. NorbyZERO

    Well, thank you for blogging the creation. Minifigs are cool, but being a human scale minifig is even cooler.

  2. Carl

    It does my head in that TLG cancelled Alien Conquest after one year when it had so much more potential. And they look to have done the same with Monster Fighters. These two themes were the best thing to come from Lego in years and they waste them in favour of licensed crap like Ninja Turtles…

  3. JustPlainJim

    @Carl: I agree, but I felt the same way about the Pharaoh’s Quest line. Pharaoh’s Quest, Alien Conquest and Monster Fighters all had that wonderful pulp-comic-y feel to them. Hopefully the next sets will have something special to offer.

    On topic, this looks awesome! Would definitely love to see more human-fig scaled items.

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