Hoorah for acronyms!

SPARKART has built a rather fantastic entry for the FBTB Mecha Madness contest. The premise of which is to build a mecha designed for a super hero or villain. And who better a subject than Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing.

Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing

The build itself is quite good, but the ‘descriptive’ weapon systems totally had me bustin’ a gut…specifically the SHarp STICKS :D


Check out the full photo set

1 comment on “Hoorah for acronyms!

  1. Angeli

    You could do one yourself easy using “the cyborg name decoder” (if googled it is the first site:))

    Tromas: Transforming Robotic Organism Manufactured for Accurate Sabotage

    His are original though ;)

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