4 comments on “Hot Wheels

  1. Randall Xaviar

    First things first: Language, my good sir, language! One of the reasons I love Brothers of the Brick so much is that I can always be sure that I can link show any entry to my younger siblings because it’s sure to be free of obscenity. I’d hate to see that change.

    The creation, though is awesome. I dub it: the Hawkingmobile

  2. Andrew

    What, “bitchin'”? This blog is targeted at adult fans of LEGO, not children who’ve never heard a heard like that. We do recognize, though, that adults do share this blog with their children, so we target nothing more than “PG”. That’s “Parental Guidance,” implying that if there’s something you don’t want your 8-year-old child or sibling to see, don’t share it with them. ;-)

  3. chruisan

    The figure in the wheelchair reminds me of the old lego figures from the early 70’s. Would have been really retro with one of those in the wheelchair.

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