Massive Helm’s Deep diorama in Lego

Daniel Z presents the best Lego rendition of Helm’s Deep I’ve seen. In addition to its massive scale, the creation maintains a high quality such as seen in the texture of the landscape. Unfortunately it does not appear that any official Lego Lord of the Rings minifigs or new parts were used, which leads me to believe that the creation was made before their release. But overall, one cannot deny this majestic recreation of an epic battle.

The Hornburg at Helm's Deep

3 comments on “Massive Helm’s Deep diorama in Lego

  1. Rinse

    In Europe the ‘Lord of the Rings’ line has yet not been released everywhere. Therefor the sets are still very hard to come by over here. I agree it is the best Helms Deep I’ve ever seen, but I can also assure you it has only been recently made… For me, not using the new Lord of the Rings molds, only makes it the more impressive!

  2. wobnam

    If you’re in Oslo, Norway you can see this creation in the window of Outland, Norway’s biggest LEGO, sci-fi and fantasy store :)

    Daniel built it for us to promote the launch of the LotR line in Norway, August 1. The plan was to use official figs but we didn’t get them in time so we’ll have to add them later. The version on display is actually a bit bigger: it has a piece of Rohan on the left side, and when we get the sets it will also have Shelob in the cave on the right.

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