F-105D Thunderchief

It’s been a while since we’ve blogged one of Ralph Savelsberg’s (Mad physicist) LEGO planes but the wait has definitely been worth it. With his F-105D Thunderchief he’s combined three difficult colours (old dark grey, dark tan and dark green) to pull off a realistic camouflage pattern. And the quality certainly doesn’t stop at the camo.

F-105D Thunderchief

1 comment on “F-105D Thunderchief

  1. BrothersBrickLover

    This is just such an amazing creation!

    The detail is just so precise! I love how Mad has used the actual colours of the craft to give a realistic effect to the model. When I was quickly scrolling down the page to see if anything new was there, I thought, ‘why on Earth would they put a picture of a plane on a LEGO website?’ Then when I clicked on it and cam here, I just sighed with stupidity!

    This is an amazing model, and Mad you should keep doing those planes!

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