Mecha School

Fredo Houben (Fredoichi) shows off his various design skills in this stunning image. The mecha are beautiful, but in this case it’s the presentation that is the real highlight for me. Like some sort of glorious advertisement for a grown-up’s toy.

Mecha Classes roundup 2

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  1. Modok

    Those are very cool indeed. The middle one kinda reminds me of Bombshell from Transformers. I really wish Lego would create a mecha theme–or at least one that’s a little more AFOL-friendly than something like Exo Force. I think there’s a lot of money to be made there.

    As far as Cuusoo, it seems that nearly all of the good mechas there come from anime. It would be nice to see some of the original creations you’ve featured here put up on Cuusoo.

    Having said that, this Gundam project on Cuusoo is one anime mecha that really SHOULD have massive support:

    The design is so SNOTy and posable that I thought it was an action figure until I saw the larger photos at MOCpages. That thing is awesome.

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