Tachikoma walks, rolls, could be yours!


Since Peer Kreuger (mahjqa) first went CUUSSO I’ve been waiting for the right time to blog about it, and I think that time is now! Sure we already blogged the model but, with 3000 votes already down, I feel it’s time to call the readers of TBB to support it on LEGO CUUSSOO.

2 comments on “Tachikoma walks, rolls, could be yours!

  1. carterbaldwin

    After the Shaun of the Dead snafu, I’m a little concerned that this might get tied up for similar reasons – GITS isn’t exactly a kid-friendly franchise.

  2. Sarah

    I agree GITS isn’t kid friendly but this set would certainly wouldn’t be for the target age group since its a complex build, so maybe it will pass. I did talk to mahjqa about buying his model, but it was going to cost too much for me at the time.

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