Starship Age of Light

The Age of Light Starship by ROOK has interesting visual details like the studded fins and neon “whiskers,” making you wonder what they’re used for. There’s also an array of support crafts for this SHIP.

Age of Light [Nose View Landing Mode]

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  1. _Publius_

    Having seen this first hand as part of our LUG ( display this weekend, the picture’s does not do this justice at all. It’s massive, and incredible!

    For those that can’t tell from this shot, it’s a giant bug like ship, thus the “wings”. A profile shot would show that better. It’s just nuts! My first thought was a locust. Alas, that is just me. Maybe Rook can clarify and he can take some other shots. It must be well over 200 studs. I will get to measure it tomorrow when I go back to see it again.

    All the support stuff he made (which in themselves, are totally nasty cool), the fact that it has an interior layout, the powered turrets, etc… I could go on and on…

    Live viewing = x10 to the wow factor

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