LEGO Marvel Superheroes sets now available [News]

If I learned nothing else at Emerald City Comicon last weekend (post to follow shortly), it’s that I’m much more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan. So I’m a lot more excited by the official release today of the LEGO Marvel sets than I was about the DC sets a few months back.

Wolverine is looking pretty awesome with his claws and bike, but Captain America is who I’m happiest to see in LEGO minifig form:

Each set includes a unique combination of minifigs that I’m sure was designed to encourage collectors to buy them all:

Our US readers can see the complete product listing by clicking through the following banner:

NEW Marvel LEGO Super Heroes sets are now available!

In other good news, TBB readers in the UK and Canada can now help support the site by clicking through from TBB when buying LEGO from the LEGO Shop online. I’ll set up the ads on the left to link differently depending on where you are shortly, but in the meantime, you can use the banners below (apologies for the visual repetition — it hurts my eyes, too):

NEW Marvel LEGO Super Heroes sets are now available!

United Kingdom:
NEW Marvel LEGO Super Heroes, available now!

3 comments on “LEGO Marvel Superheroes sets now available [News]

  1. Sarah

    ” Includes Thor, Iron Man, Scarlett Johansson, Loki, and one of those “foot soldier” dudes.”
    Hahaha! I plan on getting that set for sure! Who wants Black Widow when you can have Scarlett Johansson? ;-)

    I still think the Iron Man mini fig is the most adorable!

  2. claytonjr

    >> Captain America’s” Avenging Cycle: Includes Captain America and a couple guys who must be from the upcoming movie (or a comic book I haven’t read)

    Looks like those guys in yellow are redesigned AIM soldiers.

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