The Avengers movie poster looks awesome in LEGO

LEGO Marvel sets are coming out shortly (watch this space, as they say), as is The Avengers in movie theaters. LEGO has recreated the poster for the movie with the minifigs from the upcoming sets, plus some that aren’t currently scheduled for any sets.

LEGO Avengers Poster

I’m still not sold on Tony Stark’s Iron Man helmet/mask, which looks a bit huge in the photos I’ve seen, but it does look great here.


3 comments on “The Avengers movie poster looks awesome in LEGO

  1. legovaughan

    What is it with all the Iron Man helmet hate? Nobody whinged about the massive ADU helmets – it’s actually a tad smaller than a clone helmet as far as I can tell from these pics – and – so let’s reserve judgement for when the actual article is in hand, then they can be returned to LEGO with whatever vitriol one sees fit to include, and everyone can not go and buy them, mmmkay? =)

  2. crgennaro

    Oh… I was going to cast my vote for the hate.

    (and Lego has decided to hate me right back by putting out a properly sized version so limited only the extremely wealthy can afford)

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