Sorry Son, Daddy Needs Your Bricks

I wonder if this diorama by Karwick stirs up memories for any of our readers. It depicts an AFOL father who’s decided to take over his children’s Lego collection, and start building. I’ll take the tied up children as a bit of poetic license.

The story aside, this diorama is packed full of well-built details. A few of note are the radiator under the shelf on the right side, the wall light above the bed, with cord leading to an outlet, and the clever floor.

Afol (I)

5 comments on “Sorry Son, Daddy Needs Your Bricks

  1. Siercon and Coral

    This is a fabulous little vig :D I love MOCs with lots of life crammed into a little area. And even better, is when someone pulls off a crowded MOC elegantly, so that it doesn’t look messy.

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