Lego Friends Samantha Carter

I generally don’t blog customized stuff, as I generally take issue with cutting brick or going out of system. That said, I couldn’t pass this custom Samantha Carter from Stargate SG-1 up. Nice work, Catsy.

Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1)

3 comments on “Lego Friends Samantha Carter

  1. worker201

    So what exactly is it about the minidolls that inspires so much customization? A lot of builders who have never really been into minifig customization are diving into minidoll customizing full throttle. Is it the more realistic bodies?

  2. Catsy

    ^ I can’t speak for Mike, but for me it’s a combination of a number of things.

    – Slightly larger, more realistic bodies allowing more detail
    – The lack of variety in minidoll parts that almost demands they be customized
    – A desire to have something, anything to do with parts that are otherwise nearly useless and almost completely incompatible with minifigs
    – For the challenge of taking a very limited, niche product and seeing just how far one can take it in another direction
    – They’re the new shiny thing

    My initial reaction to the minidolls was uniformly negative–not because they’re a “girl” toy–FFS, I sew and shop at craft stores, I don’t care :)–but because of the design choices that made them extremely limited in both their System/minifig compatibility and their ability to be posed.

    So my train of thought was something like, “I’m a customizer–surely there’s something I can do to overcome those limitations and make these parts not be useless.”

    As I think the Carter minidoll demonstrates, one thing the minidolls are very good for is more appealingly depicting the form of female characters. It’s especially striking when you compare her with the Samantha Carter minifig I did.

    I’m certainly not giving up on minifigs by any means, but I’m enjoying this diversion and can see myself continuing to customize Friends when I want to depict a female character who wouldn’t look as good as a minifig.

  3. Syruss

    I’ve been seeing a lot of these customs lately. Some good, some not so much. But, as I’ve come to expect from Catsy, this is an amazing custom. There are so many great details to be seen.

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