Series 6 Collectible Minifigures showing up in quantity + case breakdown [News]

Series 6 Collectible Minifigures are beginning to show up in various retail stores and in significant quantities.

I picked up a sealed case yesterday and the breakdown was as follows:

  • 4x Alien
  • 5x Highlander
  • 3x Pajama Boy
  • 3x Statue of Liberty
  • 5x Bandit
  • 4x Flamenco Dancer
  • 3x Robot
  • 5x Minotaur
  • 4x Leprechaun
  • 3x Roman
  • 3x Surgeon
  • 4x Skateboarder
  • 4x Space Girl
  • 3x Butcher
  • 4x Mechanic
  • 3x Genie

I’m curious if this is the breakdown that our readers are getting as well. Please post your case breakdowns in the comments. Make sure you say whether or not the case was sealed.

20 comments on “Series 6 Collectible Minifigures showing up in quantity + case breakdown [News]

  1. legobuddha

    Can I ask where you found a sealed case? I’d much rather buy these that way at this point but have no idea where to find them…

  2. Josh Post author

    I live in Washington State and we have a local department store chain called Fred Meyer’s. They put out unopened cases behind their open cases. That is where I’ve gotten mine. But I do know that other people are getting sealed cases elsewhere.

  3. Nannan

    Bricklink is a great way to buy sealed cases as well. European sellers often sell factory sealed cases (a case enclosed in a packaging box) for less than $120. Only downside is the shipping cost, but it’s great if you place larger orders and split them with people.

  4. legobuddha

    Thanks for the heads up! I’m in Portland and while my Freddie’s didn’t have sealed cases they did have plenty in stock and buy 2 get 1 free! Thanks again, Josh! I’ve had great experience on Bricklink but hadn’t ordered any of the Collectible Minifigs. Will definitely look there for series 7 when the time comes.

  5. Josh Post author

    @legobuddha – I’m visiting family in Washougal, WA right now, but I stopped at Freddie’s in Battleground and they had a pile of sealed cases…but no buy two get one free. I’m jealous! ;)

  6. Catsy

    I really wish they’d hire someone on the CMF team capable of identifying the obvious “army-builder” candidates and ensuring that they include as many as possible. You know, the *really* obvious ones, like the Roman, Gladiator, Samurai, Elf, Spartan…

    It just seems like anyone with even a passing familiarity with minifig fandom should be able to see those coming in the concept stage.

  7. JaneyRedBrick

    I have opened 1 sealed box and can confirm these stats.
    Another LUG member opened one sealed box, and he was missing one statue of liberty, and had an extra Roman.

    I can confirm that both of these cases were indeed sealed, since I am the one that took them off the skid.

    If anyone wants sealed cases in Ontario Canada, you can buy them at

  8. Fraslund (David)

    I got first crack at my local FM and can confirm the numbers Josh gave. And I agree with Catsy!

  9. Syruss

    I’m jealous that these are available in sealed cases elsewhere. I live about an hour east of Chicago, and unfortunately, there aren’t enough other AFOLs in the area for any stores here to sell by the case. On a semi-related note, I’m going to be starting a new job that will pay more than double what I’m making now, so hopefully that will unlock doors previously not open to me, such as Bricklink, or more regular trips to the city. ;-)

  10. foxdobbs

    Yep, my box from Freddies in Tumwater WA had the same breakdown.

    Thankfully the two Roman dot variants that I found [stamped 344B1/543B1] are pretty distinct once you have them memorized. Not quite as easy as the ‘vampire bite’ Dark Dwarf dots, but combined with a quick spear check you can motor through a box.

  11. psycho013

    Wow, I grabbed a bunch of random packs at Toys R Us yesterday because they had spend $50 and get $10 off so I took 2 trips. Got a bunch of Romans and Space Girls, but no Bandits! He’s the only one I’m missing, in fact.

  12. graymattr

    Is there a code sheet to determine which fig is in the package? foxdobbs makes it sounds like they’ve got a stamp to tell.

  13. Wingtorn

    i picked up a sealed case after work today and the breakdown is different. mine is as follows-

    3x aliens
    3x highlanders
    4x sleepy guy
    3x statue of liberty
    6x bandits
    3x flamenco dancers
    3x robots
    5x minotaurs
    4x leprechauns
    3x Romans
    3x Surgeons
    4x Skater girl
    5x Space girl
    4x butcher
    4x mechanic
    3x genies

    i like the robots and the genies….wish they had more of those instead of minotaurs and bandits!

  14. greg@PDX

    I found mine at Fred Meyers stores for buy two get one free. PS if you find a Fred Meyers not running a store wide sale just go to another Fred Meyers that is running the sale and go to customer service they fixed mine from another store.

  15. Lord_Traust

    I finally got my box today and got the same. Would of like to have got more romans.

    4 x Alien
    5 x Highlander
    3 x Pajama Boy
    3 x Statue of Liberty
    5 x Bandit
    4 x Flamenco Dancer
    3 x Robot
    5 x Minotaur
    4 x Leprechaun
    3 x Roman
    3 x Surgeon
    4 x Skateboarder
    4 x Space Girl
    3 x Butcher
    4 x Mechanic
    3 x Genie

  16. legogod

    Just opened a box and went through and plotted a map over at Toys N Bricks. Here is the distribution I got:
    Same as yours.
    Sleepy guy-3x
    Statue of Liberty-3x
    Roman Soldier-3x
    Intergalactic Girl-4x
    Flamenco Dancer-4x
    Skater Chick-4x


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