Just click to donate to Toys for Tots – and win fabulous prizes!

LEGO is running a charity toy drive this year at LEGOSantaYoda.com. All you have to do is send an e-greeting and LEGO will donate a toy to Toys for Tots. You can send as many e-cards as you want, and LEGO donate a toy for every message you send.

To make things less annoying for your friends and relations, our compatriots over at FBTB have set up a special e-mail account where you can send the messages.

LEGO Santa Yoda

Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to LEGOSantaYoda.com
  2. Select a greeting card.
  3. Fill in the form with your name and email address. Enter FBTB for recipient and giveaways@fbtb.net as the address. Enter a message of “For the Tots!”
  4. Hit send.
  5. Hit the back button on your browser.
  6. The information you entered should still be there. Hit send again!
  7. Go to step 5

FBTB assures us that every message will be opened so that it counts, and LEGO says that they’ll honor every message sent to this FBTB address. I’d love to see the LEGO fan community get together and collectively enable a million donated toys this holiday season!

But wait, there’s more! LEGO fan sites are also putting up fabulous prizes, not least of which is every single promotional LEGO Star Wars minifigure ever released (donated by FBTB).

Prize for Donations

Oh yes, you read that right. So, what’re you waiting for? Get clicking!

8 comments on “Just click to donate to Toys for Tots – and win fabulous prizes!

  1. c8h10n4o2x2

    Even thought they included a security script, the directions above still work. Just sent 10 messages to myself, and I received all of them.

    Happy Clicking.

  2. foxdobbs

    oops… looks like the back button trick does trigger this:

    *** This message was automatically generated by the MailMax Error Responder ***

    Sorry, your message from to could not be delivered. The specific error is:

    450-4.2.1 The user you are trying to contact is receiving mail at a rate that
    450-4.2.1 prevents additional messages from being delivered. Please resend your
    450-4.2.1 message at a later time. If the user is able to receive mail at that
    450-4.2.1 time, your message will be delivered. For more information, please
    450 4.2.1 visit http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=6592 f43si12563627yhn.148

    10 attempts will be made to re-send your e-mail. Each attempt will be 1 hours apart.

  3. Brickule

    Today I spent a little more than an hour sending messages. Utilizing the backspace key to go to the previous page faster than clicking, I averaged about 1 message every 2 seconds. So I figure I sent about 2000 of those! I will probably do this same routine a few more days, I plan to help donate at least 10,000 toys!

  4. foxdobbs

    quick followup: I did about 400 yesterday and only received 12 bounce-backs.. so I plan on doing another bunch today.

  5. Andrew Post author

    Yeah, looks like LEGO has changed the site to make it slightly harder to do lots of messages at once…

    Here’s the new way to do this — a bit more involved, but still for a good cause:

    1. fill out the form
    2. hit send (email #1)
    3. hit your back button
    4. hit send (email #2)
    5. hit your back button
    6. hit send (email #3)
    7. hit your back button
    8. edit the “from” address. i recommend adding a number to the name part of the email so you can keep track of the increments. example: if the from address is joe@hotmail.com, change it to joe1@hotmail.com
    9. go to step 2

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