2012 LEGO City sets bring hillbillies, bears, forest fires, & park rangers [News]

In an odd but awesome twist, LEGO City leaves the, well, city and heads for the hills in 2012. All of the law enforcement and emergency services that form the core of each year’s LEGO City sets are represented by wildland firefighters and park rangers instead.

Looks like there are some interesting new brick…bricks.

LEGO City 2012 4440

Oh yes, there are bears. I am so building a moonshine still out back of this hillbilly cabin.

LEGO City 2012 4438

In the same vein, the firefighters battle forest fires with their bulky wildland equipment.

LEGO City 2012 4208 4x4 Fire Truck

I wonder if wunztwice will approve of the chainsaws…

LEGO City 2012 4209 Fire Plane

Via Eurobricks.

10 comments on “2012 LEGO City sets bring hillbillies, bears, forest fires, & park rangers [News]

  1. jcilkmfoster

    New “bricks” indeed – and they appear to be two sided. (Note the one on the bottom of the police station sign.) Don’t miss the new pieces on the trees either – round plates with arms/stems. Also, I’m seeing some of the new tile pieces (1×1 rounds) for headlights on a couple of the vehicles. Lots of good stuff in there.

  2. BaronSat

    These sets are really interesting, an articulated bear, new minifigs hats and that chimney on the 4438 looks like a sculpted brick! Will TLC produce bricks that look like brickwalls?

  3. wunztwice

    @ Andrew: LOL! Yeah, that is a pretty decent chainsaw! However it still drives me nuts that the firefighters are wearing respirators. WE DON”T DO THAT, WE SUCK SMOKE ALL DAY!

    ; )

  4. rushiosan

    Am I the only one who didn’t like the new “brick” bricks? I’m not intending to be a hater, but they’re making LEGO looks more like MegaBloks day after day =/ What’s wrong with the old solution for brick walls (bricks with studs on sides 1×2 tiles)? That technique would give us much more room for piece sortment and different arrangements on our alternative models. “Brick” bricks can only do… brick walls.

  5. Marc Nelson Jr.

    Check out the “girl LEGO” sets further up in the folder.

    Hedgehogs, lipstick, cupcakes… My daughter is going to go crazy when she sees these.

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