Spy ship gone rogue

Zane Houston designed a spy ship and outfitted it with guns to suit a bounty hunter. Not a bad combination of stealth and firepower.

Arkose VII

7 comments on “Spy ship gone rogue

  1. Blackicep8ntball

    This is a gorgeous ship. Caught my eye as soon as I saw it over at FBTB.

    Gotta say though – seems like featuring a current contest entry gives an unfair advantage in a contest where the winning entries are chosen by popular vote. Same for the Eternal Dusk :/. I’m not entering the contest so I have no dog in the fight… just an observation.

  2. Nannan Post author

    I agree to an extent, but on the other hand if we strictly do not blog contest entries, we’ll be missing out on a lot of great builds at the time that they are posted.

  3. mania3

    This is the same reason, in the United States, news networks must give equal coverage to candidates in elections. Nannan is being too apologetic to blog culture, this could easily sway the vote in a contest.

  4. zane houston

    I know this is going to seem self-serving as this is my creation, but oh well: I think blogging about ships in a contest might actually give a disadvantage. When you see an awesome build for the first time you kind of just stare in awe, and after a while it loses it’s appeal; so when the time comes to vote, people will look at this and think “oh yeah, that’s the ship I saw on TBB like a month ago”, instead of “holy crap! that thing is awesome”

  5. Blackicep8ntball

    That’s only when the awesomeness of the ship is transitory… this one is actually cool… for the long term :).

  6. Ted @ndes

    I say blog away!

    I originally shared the same concerns the first time I entered a FBTB contest. However, history has shown over the numerous contests since that FBTB voters know a great build when they see one… and vote for it. This is irregardless if it has been blogged, when it was entered, who made it, etc…

    The bottom line is that “a great build is a great build”.

    … and it’s also important to note that awesome, blog-worthy builds sometimes don’t get the votes if people feel it doesn’t fit into theme. Not saying that is the case with this build, but I’m just remembering the case of Lino’s LionFish in last year’s MOC Madness, as well as the “Corillian Cheeseburger”, and a certain blogger’s “Broken Regret”.

    The only thing I DO think is unfair is when people heap praises, and/or air criticisms within the entry and voting discussions. That kind of lobbying is uncool, IMO. The builds can speak for themselves.

  7. Andrew

    Nannan is correct. For better and for worse, many of the best creations out there are part of ongoing contests. If we restricted ourselves to non-contest LEGO creations, we’d have very little to blog. And waiting until after the contest concludes isn’t reasonable either. Do any of you really want to see a flood of 2-month-old MOCs all at once the second contest judging concludes? Besides, we don’t always know that a MOC is a contest entry.

    As we always say, we blog what we like — what catches our eye, what’s cool, what’s recent.

    (On a related note, we’re frequently involved in judging contests ourselves, which is why you generally won’t see us blogging MOCs in contests we’re judging. That’s one reason why I did most of the Ma.K blogging while Tim judged.)

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