Full-size LEGO FLCL Rickenbacker 4001

Chris Rozek recently recreated a striking Rickenbacker 4001 “Lefty” from the anime series FLCL. I have become rather a fan of full-size LEGO models and this one is quite impressive. It is fully wearable and unglued. Well played, Chris!

LEGO FLCL Rickenbacker.

2 comments on “Full-size LEGO FLCL Rickenbacker 4001

  1. Catsy

    Point of order: the series is called FLCL, pronounced Furikuri (foo-ree koo-ree) in Japanese. For reasons incomprehensible to man the English adaptation of it bears the godawful appellation “Fooly Cooly”, which I can only assume is an attempt to get an English-speaking audience to butcher the Japanese title in a predictable way, rather than the unpredictably varied way in which they typically butcher titles and characters.

    But the MOC is great. :)

  2. Josh Post author

    Hey Brandon, thanks for the clarification. I saw it both ways and didn’t know which was official. I appreciate it and have corrected the situation.

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