Western Trainset

Western Train

In the past I’ve designed and made instructions for a Wild West playset as Christmas gifts to the community. This year the Spaghetti Western contest at Eurobricks encouraged me to build one for myself. I wanted it to look like a cool toy train that a kid might get for Christmas or a birthday. Hopefully I achieved what I set out to do.

3 comments on “Western Trainset

  1. Jean C

    This is a really great looking train. Not too big, but not too simple either. A consistent character throughout. I know the ‘LEGO should make this as a set’ line is overdone, but really, I think a train set like this would be great.

  2. wleue

    Wonderful work! Nice variety of the consist, and the engine is first-rate. My only reservation is the red BBB wheels instead of the LEGO black drivers – black ones would be more in keeping with the rest of the consist.

  3. gambort Post author

    ^ They’re not BBB wheels, they’re LEGO wheels. I wanted to keep the engine with hints of the Toy Story train, and the red wheels were a vital part of that.

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