Build your name in Lego

Eli Carter (retracile) from TexLUG launched a business to make custom Lego nameplates. Simply enter the text and select a color scheme and you’re on your way to getting a kit that includes instructions and all the bricks to make the nameplate. The nameplate below with 10 characters will run $120, but keep in mind that a lot of time goes into assembling each order and the bricks themselves aren’t cheap. Check out to see what your name looks like in Lego.

5 comments on “Build your name in Lego

  1. Curtis

    Wow, that’s not a good deal at all. I’m sorry but $120 some bricks and plates… it’s a rip off. “but keep in mind that a lot of time goes into assembling each order” I’m glad Bricklink shops don’t run their business’s like this. By the way “JOHN ADAMS” is only 9 characters.

  2. retracile

    Curtis, I’m sorry you feel that way.

    Please consider that this isn’t for just “some bricks and plates”–this is for the parts and the step-by-step instructions for whatever you want in your own custom nameplate. It supports 50 different SNOT-built characters.
    I wrote the software that takes text as input and creates the model and instructions from that, and the web interface for it as well. To make that worthwhile, I need to earn a profit on that (very significant) effort. (See for a bit of the behind-the-scenes.)

    You may be in a position to build a nameplate for yourself out of your own collection and comfortable with bricklink, but most people aren’t. opens up the possibility of giving a custom LEGO nameplate as a gift or reward. I expect that those who know an AFOL are more likely to be a customer than AFOLs themselves.

    (Oh, and the term “characters” includes the space between “JOHN” and “ADAMS”, which is why it isn’t “per letter”.)

  3. Andrew

    @Curtis: Gotta agree with Eli on this. While I’m certainly not the best builder out there, my involvement here on TBB makes me a pretty common target for custom LEGO model requests. More out of curiosity than anything else, I’ve done quite a bit of research to see what pricing a custom model of any sort from scratch might run the buyer (all-new parts, sourced from Bricklink), and it’s pretty surprising. $120 for a custom-built nameplate isn’t bad at all.

  4. Jean C

    Of course, fans can just ise the preview function on the site to get a plan of how to build it. It’s a clever piece of programming, certainly, but I’m disappointed by how some of the letters look. X and Z, particularly (though neither is in my name).

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