Texas State Railroad Engine #201

Anthony Sava has become a man known for his locomotives and the reputation is well-deserved. He has been working on a project to build all five of the Texas State Railroad locomotives and this is the final one. It has been quite the project and I have enjoyed it. I’m not a train guy but even I have to admit that there is something about locomotives that grabs you. Well done, Tony!

Texas State Railroad Engine #201

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  1. SavaTheAggie

    Technically, there are 9 locomotives at the Texas State Railroad – 5 steam engines and 4 diesels. This is the fifth of five steam engines I’ve built, I’ve already finished building the four diesels. I’ve also built a motor car and two passenger coaches from the TSRR as well.

    I’ll be taking pictures of the five steam engines together, as well as all nine locomotives, probably tonight or tomorrow.

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