3LUG Presents: King Over the Children of Pride

Another BrickFair has passed (Nannan posted a nice wrapup), and that means another joint science fiction display by 3LUG. For those who aren’t aware, 3LUG is made up of myself and Nick Kappatos. This year, we once again made use of an utter abundance of green bricks (one shouldn’t let such resources go to waste). We also tried to move away from our growing trend of crashed space ships.

3LUG Presents- King Over the Children of Pride01

This display was only complete for a couple of days during BrickFair, and the components have since retired to our separate homes. Hopefully, the diorama is as fun to look at as it was to build. We tried to add enough details and action to keep kids entertained when viewing the display, because their reactions make it worthwhile.