The State of Denmark art prints by Matthew Ulstad

As much as we have an artistic appreciation for many of the LEGO models we feature here, it’s also great to run across art inspired by LEGO. Artist Matthew Ulstad has created a series of prints titled “All is Right in the State of Denmark,” including a minifig study inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man,” complete with a background printed using actual LEGO baseplates.

LEGO art by Matthew Ulstad

For those of us interested in hanging some of these on our own walls, you can pick up prints on Matthew’s Etsy store.

1 comment on “The State of Denmark art prints by Matthew Ulstad

  1. Polish Guy

    Thanks for featuring this, I just ordered one and just also saw that it sold out as well.

    Props to the artist, this print will look great in my LEGO room!

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