The Infernal Lake

There are good builds and there is good presentation, but they don’t always go together. Chris Malloy has them both, no question about it. With this creation he takes us on a fascinating adventure across an infernal lake, aboard a gloriously improbable craft.

The Infernal Lake 01

This was built for Forbidden Cove’s monthly seedpart contest.

2 comments on “The Infernal Lake

  1. rushiosan

    I like the build itslef, but this picture really isn’t the best to show how good it is. It’s too dark, even for a hell trip.

    The picture 04, from flickr album, show more details (including the ferryman), and still keep the “dark” atmosphere. It’s just a matter of lighting. Overall, great job!

  2. MV

    Thanks for the description, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to discern what was going on in this.

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