New hardsuit frame design by Ironsniper

Even though I’m a sucker for adorably squat hardsuits, there are only so many gray, greebly little fellows I can take after a while. This new design by Chris (Ironsniper) made me sit up and take notice.


There’s some nice color blocking with the brown arm, along with one of the coolest details I’ve seen on any hardsuit, even though that knife may be quite useless to a mechanized warrior. But it’s the posability built into the shoulders, knees, and feet that sets this hardsuit apart.

5 comments on “New hardsuit frame design by Ironsniper

  1. gambort

    The knife may be useless while in the suit. But if you have to flee the suit in hostile territory you’d be thanking the designer for it.

  2. rushiosan

    coloring is the only interesting thing to me in this hardsuit… the building techinques are dated and not very stable. He could have used at least a printed leg to make arm, the sticker was not very necessary…

  3. carterbaldwin

    ^ He did use a printed leg; that’s why there’s a yellow backing to the sticker.

    While you’re laying down the criticism, care to share your own builds?

  4. rushiosan

    ^ When I get a good camera Ima do that. I just said that because this design of mech is very common.

  5. Andrew Post author

    ^ Actually, the general consensus in the comments on the photo is that it is indeed a new, rather innovative hardsuit design. But I guess we could all just accept your critique instead.

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