Star Wars Advent Calendar contents revealed

A high-resolution picture of the contents of this year’s upcoming Star Wars Advent Calendar is here.

Via Eurobricks

13 comments on “Star Wars Advent Calendar contents revealed

  1. crgennaro

    I guess I’m in the minority here cause I’m not impressed. Great opportunity to do another X-wing pilot and they do a blank helmet. Kind of lame. Even a new droid would have been nice.

    Santa Yoda is the only thing kind of cool here but not worth the $30 or so dollar price tag.

  2. Nick Brick

    Why the three legged hologram projector by itself? It should come with a trans blue hologram minifigure!

  3. Ambadeus

    ^ I agree with you. Lackluster minifigs all around, kinda makes this look like another way for Lego to get rid of their vast stockpiles of Nute Gunray. All the figs aside from Nute and Yoda are pilots (including Chewie in this case), and most are easily obtainable elsewhere… It may make a fun “Christmas countdown” for some children, but I’m not seeing anything that could come close to enticing me to buy it.

  4. Titolian

    I don’t know, I think it’s worth getting. Some decent parts in the microships.

    Does anyone know what the thing third from the left in the top row is supposed to be?

  5. Brad

    I managed to scroll down almost as soon as I saw the picture, but I think a spoiler warning would be nice. FBTB’s announcement photo in Flickr was blurred and you had to click through it to see the actual items.

    I know it is a small thing and probably unnecessary, but I enjoy not knowing what is in the advent calendar when I buy it.

  6. Nick Brick

    Titolian: I think it’s the walking hologram projector from The Phantom Menace that projected Sidious.

  7. Ambadeus

    @ Titolian: I believe it’s supposed to be a Neimoidian mechno-chair, seen in The Phantom Menace “carrying” a hologram of Darth Sidious.

  8. Creative Anarchy

    Man I know I’m the last person people turn to for progressive opinions about the Avent Calendars, but what is this? There’s figures that even casual collectors are likely flush with. I think every one of those were in magnet sets except Yoda’s santa outfit. The non-figure days are very small constructions, no printed bricks, not really any unusual pieces or colors from what I’ve seen. A lot of them look to be re-prints from other micro-sets. Other advents have had a good selection of previously unreleased figs or at least some unusual ones and a good number of peculiar parts or colors. This is a great year for new sets in that price-range. I can’t fathom buying a kid or an adult this calendar.

  9. Jean C

    Well, I hope LEGO reads these comments and realise what a dreadful mistake they’ve made. It sounds like they’re really going to lose money on this – after all, it seems no one would want to buy one – it doesn’t sound like this calendar could be fun for anyone.

    I surely hope that this isn’t the mistake that sends LEGO bankrupt.

    Christmas is still nearly eight months away – perhaps they’d have time to cancel this and rerun one of the previous year’s calendars instead?

  10. Jargon

    This will sell, I predict, regardless of its mediocre offerings, simply because of the brand association involved.

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