LEGO Star Wars 10221 Super Star Destroyer revealed on [News] revealed the first photo of an upcoming large-scale LEGO Star Wars set earlier today, 10221 Super Star Destroyer — presumably Darth Vader’s flagship Executor.

LEGO Star Wars 10221 Super Star Destroyer

The piece count and price are still unknown, but the set appears to come with an Imperial Officer and Darth Vader, alongside three bounty hunters — Dengar, IG-88, and Bossk. The minifigs amuse me considering that the micro Star Destroyer next to the SSD is to scale…

Via FBTB, Brickset, and the Web in general.

12 comments on “LEGO Star Wars 10221 Super Star Destroyer revealed on [News]

  1. Soylenth

    oh NO. The urge to buy this will be really hard to resist. I resisted the original star destroyer but it was SO close.

  2. Creative Anarchy

    Not sure how I feel about the minifigs. I mean, yeah! more minifigs, but strange that they’re hugely out of scale for the model and there are no elements in the build that they can interact with. The executor is a cool enough model without figs.

  3. alldarker

    When I saw this for the first time, I thought it was a late April Fool’s joke. The Executor looks good, but including an out-of-scale teeny-tiny ISD AND 5 figures, none of which is new (although it might be a new headpiece for Dengar), seemed to me to be some weird choices.

    Anyhow, I most definitely have no space for displaying this :(

  4. Sarah

    I’m so very excited for this set. I’ve wanted it for a long time. Though I am confused by the mini figs there, I’ll be happy to have them.

  5. sook

    I resisted the Star Destroyer set for the longest time. Then it got discontinued and I bought it. This one I’m buying the first time I see it on a shelf. And no, I’ve no idea where I’m going to put it.

  6. RedjackRyan

    About dang time, LEGO! I’ve been looking forward to this one!

    Just by counting (or trying to count… all those tiny studs kills the eyes), the model looks to be around 4′ long!!!

  7. proudlove

    The presence of minifigs means this set will be priced just that much higher. Bad form.


    Ugly by first look. Have to see highres pics first or esle I nominate this one for worst Starwars set.

  9. Brad

    I agree that the figs are unnecessary, but I think LEGO is in a bit of a bind. I’m pretty sure that the #1 thing LEGO Star Wars fans say that they want are figs! The Shop@Home SW exclusives (with the only exception, I think, of the Jedi Starfighter) have always included figs. Maybe they don’t think the set will sell unless there are a group of figs included?

    My hope is that, like the other big ticket exclusives, the figs in this set will be more like bonuses and the price-per-piece ratio will be relatively good.

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