We don’t often see mecha like this one by Ryuhei Kawai (kwi-chang). It has a large chunky flavor, and barely a smooth surface in sight. The various bristles all seem to have a purpose (grenade launchers, radar, ammo, etc.) and it manages to work. The addition of pistons on the back of the legs, as well as vents on back, add to a purposeful, frontal assault only, look.


4 comments on “LAB 002 FULCRUM

  1. Fred

    Loving the hip treads. The pitons make me wonder what the newest technic linear actuators will bring to bear. They should give far more strength and flexibility to thin mech frames.

  2. Foamrider

    It reminds me of a Creator set. It was bipedal robot with the same color scheme… can’t remember the name or number, but I really liked that set.

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