The TBB hiatus


I’ve had the above by Nathan Proudlove stored in my bloglist for a good while hoping never to need it. But I’ve noticed people getting, understandably, worried about TBB’s inaction of late. With six people it was unlikely we’d all be so busy at once but we’ve managed to hit a temporary point where all of us are struggling to blog due to real life.

Don’t worry, once things settle down we’ll be back.

12 comments on “The TBB hiatus

  1. Fred

    Maybe ya’ll need some guest writers. It’s perfectly understandable that you’re so busy but, it’s also sad that builders out there are not getting features for all their hard work (at least I suppose that’s the case since I don’t search as much beyond TBB as i used to).

  2. gambort Post author

    We don’t reward hard work here, merely quality.

    I do keep an eye out even while I’m busy but I set my standards a little higher if I don’t have much time for blogging. If I’d spotted anything really excellent I would have blogged it.

  3. mo55

    I’m definitely feeling fred on that (ouch). And like fred this site was and still is my first foot in the door to the online afol community. That said, outside of this website I haven’t done much ‘looking’ around on the net at the community; And while I like that you guys determine what is worthy to be blogged by the quality of a build, sometimes you guys can come off as rather snotty. I can see how you might not get why fred feels the way he does because your merely stating yours or rather TBB blogging ‘mission’ statement to only blog quality builds.

  4. A Most Serious AFOL

    Perhaps anyone that fears missing their 15 picoseconds of fame on TBB should hold off posting any pictures until the hiatus is over.

    Or, you know, built better.

  5. bruce n h

    Or maybe people should stop looking to the Brothers Brick as the be-all and end-all of their LEGO experience. As much as I love these guys, and I read them every day, no one blog defines the AFOL community. It just can’t. If you are only building for the sake of ending up on the BB, you might want to choose a new hobby.

  6. gambort Post author

    @mo55> The comment about not rewarding hard work was meant to be somewhat tongue in cheek (whilst being true) but I can see how that may not have come across. In most cases a great build _is_ the result of lots of hard work as that often shows in the model.

    But… the reason so many people have TBB as their chief window into MOCs is that we try to keep the standards high of both building and photography. Sometimes I get a bit sad when I have to hold off a great build because it’s so poorly photographed but it’s part of the ‘service’. If that makes me snotty I’m happy to be it.

    bruce> As much as I love having lots of readers I totally agree. Relying solely on the value judgements of six people is going to make you miss out on stuff. For example my prejudice against seven wide minifig cars affects what you see here but many don’t share it.

  7. Dan

    To be fair, it’s not a deliberate “hiatus,” but rather a confluence of tight scheduling. I’d also add that the last time I managed to steal some time to blog something, I spent an hour looking through recent posts on flickr, and couldn’t find anything that I wanted to blog.

  8. dshaddix

    Seriously Tim? Stop being an attention whore. You guys don’t blag anything new for a few days, then say you are all too busy will be taking a break. On that VERY same day, you guys post four new entries.

    I’d expect this sort of thing from Nannan or maybe Andrew, but you? You’re better than that Tim.

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