LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets and video games trailer [News]

UPDATE (April 18, 2011): LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets are out now.


After numerous leaks across the internet, pictures of upcoming LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets are officially revealed on MTV. There are photos of 8 sets including Queen Anne’s Revenge, Aqua de Vida, Cannibal Escape, Captain’s Cabin, Isla de Muerta, London Escape, The Mill, and Whitecap Bay. Be sure to check them out by clicking through the gallery.

Meanwhile, a short trailer for the related video game is also out.


16 comments on “LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean sets and video games trailer [News]

  1. wunztwice

    Diggin’ some of the new parts. Love the new windows on the back of the ship, and the captains cabin set with it’s new globe and ship-in-a-bottle/s! A lot of the great colors as well. Pretty excited for these as parts packs.

  2. DARSFoG

    My only complaint… Where is the Black Pearl.

    I like the Queen Anne’s Revenge, seems to be about the same size as Red Beard’s ship. Color is more darker too. Should fit in with the current Pirate Theme.

    Looking forward to these sets!!!

  3. kris kelvin

    “My only complaint… Where is the Black Pearl.”

    Where the bloody hell is Flying Dutchman :D
    All sets are just fantastic :)

  4. Jacob P.


  5. Paganomation

    Neat. I’m wondering if these hat wig parts are all one piece… it would be cool if some of them were separate.

  6. LegoDude

    I haven’t seen all the pirates of the carribian movies, but thats a lot of new parts, more than I have seen in a new Lego set in a long time. Great detail, loving the wine bottles

  7. Ben

    Disney typically requires printed bricks instead of stickers in their sets. I suspect this will be the case with POTC sets as well.

  8. Jean C

    Great pieces ‘n’ all… but I can’t but help quoting Waylen Smithers: “Look! Malibu Stacy’s got a new hat!”

  9. TooMuchDew

    Here are all of the high resolution and official press releases I’ve been able to find from Disney:

    Disney’s press release:

    Disney’s gallery with 1200 x 1200 high resolution photos of the LEGO PotC sets:

    Toy Fair 2011 “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” Product Fact Sheet: Room/Press Releases/press_kit_pirates_of_the_caribbean_toys_fact_sheet_012811.pdf

    Disney’s gallery “Pirates of the Caribbean” Event with actor Ian McShane (Blackbeard) and LEGO Master Model Builder Erik Varszegi and life-sized Jack Sparrow Built from LEGO® Bricks:

  10. Creative Anarchy

    I swear I’m not being a crummudgeon but I’m really disappointed in these sets. It’s not like I had high expectations either. They look very spartan compared to the Potter and toystory sets. I’ll probably buy multiples of a lot of the sets. I love pinks and browns and there are amazing new pieces and old pieces that I didn’t get a chance to buy off the shelf but I won’t even assemble most of these sets and the ones I do won’t stay up very long. they’re just not very cool.

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