4 comments on “Motorised Rocket

  1. joelkun

    The adaptation of the pull-back motor is ingenious and inspirational. It would indeed be a struggle to get a 9V, 12V or PF engine into a creation this small. Well done!

    While I still think http://www.classic-town.net/?p=6691 is closer to minifig scale, this little beauty is both immediately recognisable and incredibly cute at the same time! I sense a new building fad coming!

  2. gambort Post author

    Just as a warning using the word ‘minifig scale’ around me is a bad idea ;) For I will educate you that there is no such thing.

    I agree that Kris’ is a nicer model but this one has an endearing cuteness and a pull-back motor.

  3. joelkun

    Thanks for the correction Gambort. Your observation that Minifigs themselves are not true to scale and therefore distort all other measurements is duly noted, and I shall refrain from using them as a measuring stick henceforth.
    And I thoroughly agree that this particular model is cute and clever at the same time!

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