Motorised Rocket

As unbelievable as it seems it appears that M and M has managed to make an adorably cute and motorised version of Stephenson’s Rocket. The original is notable as one of the first effective steam trains and the LEGO version might just be the first effective pull-back motor train.

4 comments on “Motorised Rocket

  1. joelkun

    The adaptation of the pull-back motor is ingenious and inspirational. It would indeed be a struggle to get a 9V, 12V or PF engine into a creation this small. Well done!

    While I still think is closer to minifig scale, this little beauty is both immediately recognisable and incredibly cute at the same time! I sense a new building fad coming!

  2. gambort Post author

    Just as a warning using the word ‘minifig scale’ around me is a bad idea ;) For I will educate you that there is no such thing.

    I agree that Kris’ is a nicer model but this one has an endearing cuteness and a pull-back motor.

  3. joelkun

    Thanks for the correction Gambort. Your observation that Minifigs themselves are not true to scale and therefore distort all other measurements is duly noted, and I shall refrain from using them as a measuring stick henceforth.
    And I thoroughly agree that this particular model is cute and clever at the same time!

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