True Blue

Actually, neither of these ships uses true LEGO “blue.” They both use shades other than the standard blue, along with various bits of brown. Both of these ships caught my eye today (I’ve built my own brown and blue combinations, so I’m a fan).

First is the Arashi by Nathan Proudlove. He’s achieved an interesting effect by suspending engine pods far forward on spindly booms. It’s enough to make one wonder how it even stayed balanced for the photo to be taken.


Second, is a cute little ship by Tyler Clites. The most impressive thing about this ship is that it’s not really all that small at all, yet it looks like an adorable little ship. I’m also a big fan of the construction of the various intakes on the front. They add just enough detailing to balance out all the smooth curves on the rest of the ship.

VV Stubs

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    i stumbled onto this site a few days ago and i am hooked. I have always been a leg fan, ever since childhood, but just the creativity i see on these pages blows me away. Especially, Tyler’s stuff. I want to venture into building some robots and vehicles. Any advice? Should i just start small?

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