I can’t believe that I’m blogging this.

I think I should hate Cade Roster for building this, but I can’t. His rendition of the “Artist Formerly Known As…” is really good. Like a good train wreck, I can’t stop looking at it, so I’m inflicting it on our loyal readers. Misery loves company and all of that. By the way, he says that it isn’t actually finished but he’s not working on it anymore. Be thankful. I’d be compelled to blog it again if he did….

Lego Artist Formerly Known As Prince

4 comments on “I can’t believe that I’m blogging this.

  1. ashand

    I don’t know what you’re talking about– Prince is amazing.

    I defy you to find a more talented guitarist, and don’t even think of trying to pull any of that yngwie malmsteen or joe satriani crap.

    Even SRV can’t out do Prince, the chops or there but he really just followed a structure already laid out for him.

    My point is, that Prince is awesome, which means I’m thankful that you blessed us with such a wonderful lego creation.

  2. sparesoul

    I know what you mean… It’s not a great or amazing subject, technique, build… but… I like it. Can’t remember the last time I heard a Prince song, but I know a lot of them. Now, can he crank out a Rick James? lol “I’m Rick James, Brick!”

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