Cabin fever

Tom Simon‘s diorama of an abandoned log cabin is the first of its kind that actually uses sideways cylinders to create the stacked logs effect. I also like the idea of using dark tan to simulate dead leaves on the trees. The chimney looks like it’s about to collapse any minute, and the horse skeleton completes the touch of decay.

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  1. Starwars4J

    Well it’s not the first to use the log pieces sideways, but it’s certainly the first I’ve seen to use dark brown and burnt orange cylinders to give that weathered effect! I love the tree to the left, as well as the dying ones to the right.

  2. TrevorV

    At the risk of being a troll, I just wanted to say that I signed up for TBB just now so I could come on here to leave this comment:

    Stop saying “this is the first” Nannan. You’ve done it a lot and some of us don’t give a flying fig if something just happens to be be first. You have not seen every single thing ever built; whether posted online or not so just stop using the phrase. How about try a more humble phrase like, oh I don’t know, “This is the first time I’ve seen this…”

    Trevor, an annoyed reader. See you at brickcon.

  3. Tom. Simon

    Glad the foliage and the rest were enjoyed.

    So, I make no claim of novelty of any particular feature, and as a newbie, am in no position to make an assessment. I would like to point out that the logs are not just horizontal, but properly notched and interlocked (or at least with that suggestion). This is not the same as the examples in the above gallery, which are however attractive MOCs.

  4. Starwars4J

    Hi Tom, great MOC there. No one was claiming that YOU claimed novelty to the technique, God knows everyone uses techniques found by others, and that’s how the community as a whole grows. I’m not quite sure I see how your logs are any differently interlocked than the example jaster linked to though. Could you explain?

  5. Tom. Simon

    Hi Starwars4J, thanks for the comment.

    In the gallery referenced above (at least several pics I got a chance to look at) the logs along X and those along Y are placed at the same height. Where they meet at the corners, they must alternate which continues and which is blocked. Notice the odd/even gaps past the corners in the ends of the logs. In this MOC, I placed X and Y oriented logs offset vertically from each other by half a log. They all get to continue through the corners to form a continuous stack the full lenght. This suggests real traditional building techniques. Interestingly, the upper logs are built mimicing real woodwork, by notching (there are lightsaber bars connecting to the log ends past the corners). Lower down, you can see I faked it with technic bricks.

    My motivation for doing this cabin was embarrassment with an earlier MOC in which I lamely used vertical logs. Just lazy there.

    I am frankly a bit embarrassed at the praise for the dark tan dead foliage. Shouldn’t that have been done somewhere, sometime?
    In any case, my real efforts here went into that darned broken tree, which is quite precarious. Not sure I would really recommend that to the community. It was annoying to setup.

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