Boxy but in a good way

Chris Giddens (Fazoom) claims he made an ugly ship, but I like the ugliness of it. The ship has distinct sections indicated by texture and color and it reminds me of an ice cream sandwich. Mmm…

2 comments on “Boxy but in a good way

  1. agentgray

    Wow. The rest of the flickr page shows that this thing opens up and has a an inside design as well in minifig scale.

  2. worker201

    I think we’ve been trained by fun science fiction and creative artists to expect pretty spaceships. So we’re able to say that this one looks boxy, and perhaps even ugly. But the truth is that real spaceships would probably look a lot like this. And as an example of a realistic hauler from a plausible future, I think this model is great.

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