Brickforge releases Centaurs! [News]

Recently, Brickforge released the latest of their custom “animals”…the mythical Centaur! I ordered some and I have to say that I love ’em. They are available in three colors (Tan, Brown, Dark Tan).

Custom Brickforge Centaur

Custom Brickforge Centaur

4 comments on “Brickforge releases Centaurs! [News]

  1. eti

    I think they look better when combined with a torso the color of the animal. They don’t look bad anyway.
    Seeing how it went with their previous gadgets, Lego may come with centaurs next year or so…?

    Their new musical instruments look really cool by the way, but I’m not so sure why they came up with backpacks (there are Lego backpacks, of course).

  2. Replica

    I hope lego makes offical centaurs eventually because as great as these look (brilliant)and as much as I want a lego centaur, I dont use custom parts.

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