Build a Minifig-Mobile over at BCN [Contest]

Brick Comic Network (BCN)’s putting a new twist on the excitement over the Series Two Collectible Minifgures! They’re hosting a contest, where the challenge is to build a vehicle to suit the needs of one of the Series Two Minifigures.

All contest rules can be found here. The deadline for entries is 11:59pm CST on September 19, so get those vehicles built!

2 comments on “Build a Minifig-Mobile over at BCN [Contest]

  1. Starwars4J

    I had submitted a similar contest we were running a bit ago…I guess it just disappeared into the aether, huh?

    Either way, fun looking contest.

  2. Replica

    Yep, anything to do with the bcn rocks. And im not just saying that because im a member. Ive entered all the catigorys though im not going to get a single win. If you want to enter there are two things to consider before even looking at the rules 1.You have to join (its free and worth it, the forums are amazing but the age minimum is 13) to enter and 2.You have to be good. There are loads of entrys in them all so youl have to try hard if you want to win.

    In short, enter, its a pretty fun contest hosted on a fun site.

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