BrickCon Film Festival Returns [News]

Lego Event BrickCon Convention

Photograph by Adam Hally

BrickCon is a scant thirty-five days away–but who’s counting? Not me, I assure you. As time for BrickCon (and the close of registration!) draws near, I wanted to point out one of the latest additions to the BrickCon line-up:

We are pleased to announce the return of the BrickCon Film Festival.

Awards and prizes will be given for the best films submitted, and the claim to fame till next year.

Films will be shown to attendees and voted on to determine the best.

They will also be shown during public hours exhibition if possible.

Submission guidelines:

1. BrickCon Film Festival reserves the right accept or not accept film submissions at its sole descretion.
2. Films must be your own original work.
3. You must be registered as an attendee to submit an entry.
4. 1-4 minutes is a good length, longer films may be rejected unless they are incredibly awesome.
5. Recommended file types are *.mov or *.mp4
6. The last day we can receive your submission is September 23, 2008 2010.
7. Contact Dave Ingraham (pull down) on our Contact Us page for information on how to submit your film.
8. You must be present to win prize (else prize will go to film with the next most votes).

Filmmakers agree that their film and/or clips from it and all other material related to their project may be used and/or published in the event program, the BrickCon Film Festival screening, the BrickCon website, rescreened at BrickCon and for any promotional purposes which the BrickCon Film Festival deems appropriate.

Submission of your film confirms that you have read, understand, and agree to the BrickCon Film Festival Submission Guidelines as stated above.

Good luck and happy filming!

I know there are some great filmmakers out there, and I’m pretty sure at least some of you are attending BrickCon. So show us your stuff!

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  1. Josh

    That’s funny. There was BrickCon film festival a couple of years ago. This part of the press release must not have been updated. I’ll fix it.

    Edit: I fixed it and the line through the error makes the ‘8’ in 2008 look like a zero. Dang, can’t win. ;-)

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