He has been chosen, he must go!

Joel Baker constructed a sculpture of the scene from Toy Story where Sid pulls out Woody and Buzz at the claw crane. Say, if there were no glass, would you still have to pay and use the claw? Check out more views on Joel’s Flickr set.

Via The Un-Sung Brick

6 comments on “He has been chosen, he must go!

  1. Nannan Post author

    I’ve yet to see the third and have already forgotten about the first two, so I’ll take your word. Post edited.

  2. Creative Anarchy

    I’ve been watning to see a The Claw Moc ever since these guys came out. This far outstrips my hopes, just fantastic build.

  3. Jai

    That’s… just amazing. It looks a LOT bigger than… it is. I guess that sounds weird, but still, to me it LOOKS like a huge model, and my brain starts flipping out when it sees the size of the studs (They’re so big! No… wait…) on the model’s top for comparison.

    And the sides both spell out “SPACE CRANE”?! Wicked awesome. HUGE amount of detail packed into this beast, considering the size!

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