Old School Building

This Coalition Gunship by Pierre E Fieschi isn’t old-school in technique, but it definitely is in feel. The aesthetic hearkens me back to those of sci-fi from the 70s. This ship incorporates much of the great surface texture and greebling that we’d see in movies like Star Wars onto a chunky shape. Which brings me to that shape, it’s so chunky, and blocky, it looks great.

It really feels like this ship contains huge thrumming engines, and was built for function, a skin that barely contains the guts that make the ship work.

Coalition Gunship

4 comments on “Old School Building

  1. Sub-Culture

    I love it! Very clunky and functional, with great shape. It amazes me how well-sculpted spaceships can end up being, I dont think I could ever create such an imaginative and creative shape for a spaceship. My hat to you!

  2. Lich Barrister

    The large white pieces rearwards from the cockpit… are those sink pieces? It’s quite something to say that you’ve thrown everything and the kitchen sink at a MOC, but it’s another to fulfill it.

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