Recycling is fun

Once in a while, Fedde (Karf Oohlu) applies his humorous use of unusual Lego parts to larger creations. This diorama depicts colored parts being fed by robots to a hungry recycle machine. This creation has definitely made the best (and perhaps the only) use of the Crystal King‘s head.

4 comments on “Recycling is fun

  1. Josh

    ^That happens when the builder makes a change to the picture. When it happens to a new post, we always fix it right away. Leaving a comment about the issue isn’t very productive because we see the issue before we read the comments. Also, after the issue is fixed, your comment is hanging there talking about an unavailable picture, when the picture is there. It kind of makes you look silly.

    I don’t care either way, just giving you a heads up. ;)

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