M3 Half-track APC, M4 Sherman tank, & Dodge WC54 ambulance

I’ve shared in the past my ambivalence toward violent LEGO, but there’s something unique about World War II that has fascinated me ever since I was little. My grandfather and great uncle served in the US Army during the war, and I grew up in one of the countries that both inflicted a great deal of suffering and suffered deeply themselves before losing the war to the Allies.

Over the last couple of years, I’ve really started enjoying the unique challenges presented by building a LEGO model based on something “real.” LEGO has interesting scale challenges, and I think too many LEGO vehicles are too tall or too wide.

My M3A1 Half-track has a three/five/seven-wide hood, with an eight-wide cab and crew compartment. It’s my favorite so far (even though the tracks should have four road wheels, not three).

LEGO M3A1 Half-Track

I’m less happy with my M4A3 (76)W Sherman tank, which has to be far too tall to capture the right details in the suspension, and I missed the shape of the rear section behind the turret. Because it was my first tank, I spent a lot of time looking at tanks built by other builders — especially BrickMania’s M4A2, Phima’s M4A3E8, and Milan CMadge’s M4A3E8.

LEGO M4A3 (76)W Sherman Tank

Because I come from a family of pacifist non-combatants and conscientious objectors, my convoy of military hardware wouldn’t be complete without a US Army Medical Corps Dodge WC54 ambulance. Like the half-track, the ambulance’s hood is three/five/seven-wide, with a six-wide cab. The recessed spare tire seems impossible at this scale, unfortunately, and getting the shape right means it does not fit a fig.

LEGO Dodge WC54 Ambulance

Now to build some sort of massive World War II diorama to put these in…

5 comments on “M3 Half-track APC, M4 Sherman tank, & Dodge WC54 ambulance

  1. Bruno Vaiano

    Wow Andrew, I guess that you impress us all by going Military way, but you´re doing a very good here. The Dodge and the Sherman are really nice, but the M3 doesn´t quite have the feel of the real life counterpart, in my opinion. I know I may sound a little self promoting here, but couldn´t you pick a coulple of ideas in mine M3?
    I guess that its suspention would look quite nice there.

  2. The Mad Physicist

    As far as I am concerned, model building is where most of the technical challenges are to be found. I completely agree with your observation that many LEGO vehicles are too tall or too wide, at least compared to figures standing next to them. I like the half track in particular.

  3. MaxFragg

    i actually really like your halftrack, the sherman is a bit out of shape, i think Daniel Siskinds is still the king in terms of shermans ;-)

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