Heavenly light shines on this land of fantasy

A group of Japanese builders including MisaQa and Kotaro “EARL-0″ Ono constructed this epic fantasy world. And if this much work went into a sketch of the project, it shouldn’t come as a surprise the awesomeness of the finished work.

4 comments on “Heavenly light shines on this land of fantasy

  1. Daedalus



    That is really, really awesome. Castle has never been my favorite theme, but that blue/white city and castle has made me an insta-fan. I only wish there were several dozen more photos.
    This thing is way too massive for just a few.

  2. earl_0

    We are glad that so many LEGO friends in the world enjoy our creative challenge.
    Now, here we have over 100 photos @BrickShelf.
    The owner of account “mashikuf (63765)” is one of the members of BFC building, mashikuf-san built the glorious castle (yes, rightside enourmous one) by only his hand, alone.
    I hope you would enjoy BFC more & more. Thanks so much!

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